sunday kick-in-the-ass speech


All things happen in their own time.  Just chill the fuck out.  Because if God brings you to it, he’ll bring you through it.  It’s just the way it goes.  Stop over analyzing beyond that.  Just look your best and act your best.  Be friendly, inquisitive and genuine; I promise that in doing this, you will attract good people into your life.  Happy, healthy people who will enrich your soul.  People who will teach you things.  People who will have your back, no matter what.

Forgive yourself.  Don’t battle those demons in your mind on this one, either.  Stop wondering if you deserve it; frankly, it’s the only option you’ve got at this point.  It’s crucial you grant yourself the gift of forgiveness if you’re serious about finding inner peace.  Time to banish those toxic thoughts straight to where the sun don’t shine.  

Forgive everybody else, too.  For not meeting your expectations; for breaking your heart; for giving up on you; for words they said and cannot take back; for showing you cruelty when you did not deserve it.  Because sometimes – most of the time – we never end up getting the type of closure we expect, so try to accept the fact that we all stumble.  Life trips us up; we fall over our feet, lose our way and make mistakes.  Stand by the belief that most people are good people, and the majority of those who gave you pain never truly intended to.  So, let them go.  Let all negative energy go.  

I’m not going to lie, some people are going to be hard to find it in your heart to forgive.  They are the ones who exit your life unexpectedly; they leave behind a heaping, stinking pile of unfinished business.  Listen to me closely: These are people we need to forgive the most.  Because, sometimes the only answer is that there isn’t one.  Some people just leave.  Why complicate it further?  Find a way to move on from it.  Take it don’t have to carry it with you any longer.  I hope you feel relieved, even if just for a moment.  

Be conscious of the fact that you are not alone.  You aren’t the only person on the planet who has acquired debt, been laid off, or put your heart on the line – and sent some crazy-ass texts  – to someone who did not reciprocate your affection.  Please, please, please find a way of getting it through your thick and stubborn skull that you are not defined by external forces.  Your job, your relationships, your bank account, your “followers vs. following” ratio on fucking Instagram …none of these things define you.  What determines you is YOU: the you living inside you.

You are your character, your integrity, your wishes and your dreams; it is your kindness, your health (mind and body), and your empathy for others.  Focus on developing a strong foundation for your self-worth and I promise you will experience far less pain from people who only want to get in your pants, or those who break your trust with broken promises.  You won’t care about anyone who doesn’t do right by you because you’ll know your tribe only accepts people with positive vibes.  Just wait, you’ll see.

And FYI, you are as important – no more and no less – as anyone else on this planet. Expect love.  Make sure to give it, too.  Don’t turn relationships into a game that you’re impulsively driven to win. Let whoever wants to leave simply leave, and allow yourself the chance to exit as well if a situation no longer suits you.  Don’t be insecure.  Just be.

Pray. And journal. And track progress. And own your mistakes. Understand no one moment defines you indefinitely.  You can turn it around.  You can always turn it around, some way or another.  So, if you survive it, you’ll find strength from it. And it will get better.  I promise, one way or another.  It will get better. 



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