new eyes, new world. (presto)

Today is the day.  It’s time to get shit going.  To stop living like an ostrich with my head in the sand.  To own it.  To face problems head on.  To get organized.  To put two middle fingers up to all the people who have brought negative energy into my life, then put them in my rear view.  To smile and mean it.  To be happy that I am kind.  To be grateful I have two arms, two legs and a brain that works.  To feel the sunshine on my skin.  To know I can handle whatever life throws at me.  To love my family and let them know. To understand my worth.  To fight for the love I deserve.  To take comfort in the simple things while I keep chasing after the bigger dreams.  To gain discipline.  To create balance.  To own my role in the errors of my way, all the while believing that I am greater than my circumstances.  I can turn it around.  And most of all, today is the day to be thankful that I am honest enough with myself to know when things need to change, and that I am the one to do it.  Because I’m the protagonist in the story of my life, and I write the script.  Nobody else.


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